water.jpgPerennial water shortages have hit Chitungwiza Town Council with residents who have gone for two weeks without the precious liquid blaming the MDC-T led council for poor management.

For the past two weeks, Chitungwiza residents have not received any running water and are relying on boreholes where they are spending many hours in queues.

Residents who spoke to ZBC News said water is now so scarce and cannot even remember the last time they had running water.

“What is interesting is that council continues to bill us, yet our tapes have no running water most of the time,” said one resident.

The residents urged Chitungwiza Town Council to take the issue of water seriously as the current situation might lead to a disease outbreak.

“The town fathers must not forget the cholera outbreak which occurred a few years ago…,” added another resident.

The MDC-T led Chitungwiza municipality has been blamed for failing to run the town.

Service delivery is also poor in this town while rampant abuse of funds by the council has been reported extensively in the media.