Chipinge town is on the verge of yet another looming disaster as it is now two weeks without running water.

It’s now two consecutive weeks without running water for Chipinge town residents since the onset of Cyclone Idai, a dire situation which exposes the whole town to water-borne diseases such as cholera and typhoid.

The heavy floods which hit the town destroyed the only two water pipes that supply town water from the Bangazani dam, leaving residents with no option but to hunt for the special liquid from unprotected water bodies.

A temporary relief is however being provided by the District Development Fund (DDF) but it is not enough to satisfy the needs of the whole town.

For those failing to access the water provided by DDF, the alternative is an open water pump parallel to a running sewer river. Ironically residents insist the source is the cleanest in the town and even some of the big retail brands in Chipinge fetch water from the pump.

However, assurance of water supply was guaranteed by the Town Secretary Dr Susan Dube who said engineers have since been deployed to repair the pipe while provisions to replace with a new one have been arranged.

 “Council staff is currently on the ground fixing the pipes and water supply will be made available in due course. The situation was a result of a natural disaster so residents should bear with us as we are attending to the crisis,” said Dr Dube.

ZINWA Operations Technician Mr Ignasio Mudondo said his team is fast-tracking the completion of repairs bearing in mind the consequences of limited water supply.

 “By Friday we will be done with repairs and testing, meaning supply can be expected over the weekend,” said Mr Mudondo.

So far authorities say there has been no reported cholera cases contrary to social media reports but have acknowledged the disaster ahead if the process of water supply is delayed.