chikurubi maximum.jpgThe Zimbabwe Prison Service says the current water and electricity power cuts at Chikurubi Maximum Prison are a health hazard as well as a security risk.

Inadequate funding from the fiscus coupled with the effects of the illegal sanctions have continued to haunt the country’s critical institutions.

Zimbabwe Prison Services Deputy Commissioner  Administration, Aggrey Huggins Machingauta, says Chikurubi Maximum Prison has not been spared from the water cuts and electricity power cuts – a development which is threatening the security of the institution.

He said while the institution has a standby generator, it still faces fuel challenges due to lack of funding.

He also expressed concern over the water cuts saying unlike ordinary citizens, inmates cannot go outside their cells to fetch water.

“Previously we were listed as an essential service and we were not affected by power cuts. It is disturbing that Chikurubi Maximum Prison is now treated like a residential area.

“On the issue of water cuts, prisoners cannot go outside the camp to look for water. It’s a security challenge as well as a health hazard,” said Machingauta.

Chikurubi Maximum Prison has a total number of 1 768 inmates who include mental inmates and the aged who need extra care.