water.jpgWater experts say the $29,5 million allocated in the 2012 national budget for water and sewer infrastructure rehabilitation in all major cities and towns, is not enough considering the dilapidated state of the plants.

Water experts say the figure of $29,5 million is a clear demonstration that government has failed to prioritise critical issues that relate to the welfare of the people.

Mr. Barnabas Mangodza says for government to expect ratepayers to finance water and sewer rehabilitation programmes is unrealistic as huge capital projects require funding from government.

Harare Residents Trust Coordinator, Mr. Precious Shumba said the capital alone requires about $23,5 million for the rehabilitation of Morton Jeffrey water works and for government to expect the allocated money to be enough is a joke.

With the City of Harare grappling with severe water shortages resulting in water borne diseases such as typhoid, many would have expected government to allocate more resources to the water sector.

However, experts believe the country has been heavily dependent on donor support for such critical areas and this is dicing with death as their pullout has catastrophic results.

According to a recent report, Harare City Council’s dilapidated Morton Jeffrey Waterworks is in dire need of US$23,5 million for its urgent rehabilitation and upgrading.