The Muslim community in Zimbabwe joined the rest of the African continent in celebrating the International Day of the African Child.

The African child is always under spotlight when it comes to issues relating to the rights to freedom, education, names, privacy, health and birth registration.

With this in mind, the Muslim community in Zimbabwe also took time to reflect on the Day of the African Child, in light of the need to embrace the rights of children.

There is therefore the need to ensure that the rights of children are always respected according to the international peace youth group representative Ms Samantha Munetsi.

“We are also doing our best in ensuring that the day is always celebrated and remember the importance of children in the community of Zimbabwe,” she said.

Zimbabweans should also continue to engage on modalities that seek to ensure that the International Day for the African Child gets its special recognition by key stakeholders.

“We are always striving for the best to maintain key standards while also respecting the International Day of the African Child,” president of Supreme Islamic Affairs Sheik Ishmael Duwa.

Some of the key principles of the International Day of the African Child include the need to ensure that children within the continent are protected from abuse, do not get involved in drugs, prostitution as well as ensuring decent accommodation of the African child.