A Kambuzuma woman has defied instincts of motherhood as she is allegedly ill-treating her six her old daughter who spends the whole day from morning in a fowl run guarding against stray cats that roam the area.

While most mothers would be furious if anyone abused or ill-treated their children, for a mother of a six year old girl in Kambuzuma, the statement does not apply as she together with her husband are abusing their daughter beating her with wooden rods, electric cables as well as bare hands.

This has been happening for over a year in the high density suburb of Kambuzuma, surprisingly a few metres from the area’s police station.

The six year old Rose, not her real name, has had to bare brutal beatings and starvation from her mother and stepfather.

Neighbours who could not stomach the abuse of the little girl alerted this news crew and narrated how the girl is suffering in the hands of her mother and stepfather.

“This child lives a painful life and for us as mothers we also feel the pain too. At times she wakes up very early in the morning even without putting on a jersey and enters into the fowl run without food and she has to beg from the other children. The parents say she should look out for their broiler chicken from any attacks from stray cats. She even spends days without bathing and the parents don’t even care and it really pains us as mothers,’ said one of the neighbours who spoke on anonymity while the other said: “If Rose is left with food to eat, she will be stuck in that fowl run till evening when the parents return from work. The other children of her age come and play with her from the other side of the fowl run’s fence.”

When ZBC News arrived in Kambuzuma, Rose was in the fowl run, walking bare footed and with obvious signs that she has not taken a bath in a long time.

She was quick to narrate her horrifying story of abuse to this news crew, where at times she is sprayed with cold water and forced to stand outside until her clothes are dry.

“Sometimes i am sprayed cold water all over my body and beaten severely before I am made to sleep on wet floor without a blanket,” narrated Rose.

Although she has been abused and tormented the little girl still has strength and confidence to tell her sad story.

While children of her age are playing all sorts of games, kicking and screaming with joy outside Rose would be seated on a plastic container in the fowl run looking out for stray cats.

At times her friends are forced to come and seat on the other side of the fence just to talk to the little girl who is not allowed to go out of the fowl run until her parents turned tormentors return in the evening.

A few metres from Rose’s home is a police station and despite the pleas and cries of the little girl to neighbours no one has gathered enough courage to report the abusive parents to the police.

Efforts to get a comment from the mother and stepfather were fruitless as the father kept on saying we were calling the wrong number.