The government says it will not tolerate dishonesty where some fuel companies are externalising foreign currency, while others are not accepting other modes of payment except the US dollar for fuel purchase.

The Minister of Energy and Power Development, Cde Fortune Chasi today met with the fuel industry players and later on addressed a press conference where he made it clear that government is reviewing the licensing system of fuel companies in light of prevailing dishonesty.

“Fuel industry players licences will be due in 6 months, where the conduct and behaviour of each player will be reviewed and it is the right of the government not to renew the licences of those entities run by devious operators,” he said.

On fuel supplies, Minister Chasi said the government working to ensure that the commodity is rationally distributed to the whole country.

Fuel pricing was also discussed, with the industry pointing out that there is some instability in some of the parts of the template that is used in coming up with the price of fuel.

The Minister asked the players to develop a factual position and present it in two weeks time.