us-flag.jpgThe United States government has extended by another year, its illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe, a week after the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe launched the National Anti-sanctions Petition Campaign.

In an administrative order announced this week, US President, Barak Obama cited what he termed ‘unresolved issues and political violence within the Global Political Agreement’ as the reason for extending the illegal sanctions which have caused untold suffering among Zimbabweans.

Recently, the European Union, being led by the British government extended the illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe for another year, citing the same unfounded reasons being given by Washington.

However, Zanu PF has accused the US of duplicity and hypocrisy and blamed the MDC formations for not campaigning vigorously for the sanctions removal as revealed by wikileaks which said Tendai Biti of MDC-T has the key to the lifting of the illegal sanctions.

He said the decision taken by Washington, was obvious as the illegal sanctions can only be removed at the instruction of the MDC formations as they are the ones who invited them.

Surprisingly, addressing the on-going Zimbabwe Investment Conference in Harare this Tuesday, Mr Tsvangirai did not denounce the illegal sanctions imposed on the country 10 years ago after Zimbabwe embarked on the land reform programme.

Instead, Mr Tsvangirai used the platform to denounce the GPA, to which he is a member and justified the existence of the economic embargo.

Political analysts say MDC-T is to blame for the extension of the illegal sanctions by the US and the EU, as the party is on record for inciting violence whenever there are international meetings with the aim to discredit the government.