jabulani sibanda.jpgWar veterans say they will always work with progressive Zimbabweans to defend the sovereignty of the country.

Speaking at the just ended Zanu PF 12th Annual National People’s Conference in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association Chairman, Cde Jabulani Sibanda said his organisation will never betray the country and the revolutionary spirit that used to bind together the people of Zimbabwe during the liberation struggle.

Cde Sibanda said war veterans endorse the candidature of the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe in next year’s elections, as he is a leader with revolutionary credentials which the war veterans share.

He added that war veterans and war collaborators are a shoulder of strength to the liberation party, Zanu PF and will continue working within party structures to spread the revolutionary ideology.

“We as war veterans are coming here to offer our solidarity message, coming to give a shoulder to the party [Zanu PF] and to express our commitment to defend the country’s independence,” said Cde Sibanda.

The war vets chief also warned Zimbabweans to be wary of political parties that are agents of neo-colonialism and imperialism, saying the Zanu PF party should embark on a massive education campaign in a bid to instill the spirit of patriotism in people.

“People should be taught about being patriotic so that they will not be easily cheated into following other parties that are against revolutionary ideas, but so that they [people] will know the importance of defending the gains of the liberation struggle,” he added.

Cde Sibanda also said Zanu PF leaders should not impose themselves on the people but should allow the people to make their choices.

He bemoaned the tendency of vote buying by certain well placed party members, saying this will destroy the party.

Also among the war veterans’ resolutions was the call for the appointment of a minister representing war veterans, ex detainees and war collaborators, so that their welfare will be addressed.