tsvangirai blasted.jpgWar veterans have castigated MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai over utterances he made about compensating victims of political violence from his party, describing the move as political grandstanding which is aimed at inciting unemployed youths into political violence.

Some of the war veterans who spoke to ZBC News said Mr. Tsvangirai should think of compensating thousands of families which were directly affected by the war of liberation instead of concentrating on divisive politicking.

Other survivors of the war of liberation questioned the source of such funding at a time the country is facing serious liquidity problems and urged the Prime Minister to desist from acting like an opposition leader and help in rebuilding  the nation.

Early last week, Mr. Tsvangirai was quoted by some sections of the media saying he has set up a fund to compensate what he termed ‘political violence victims’ of his party, without taking into cognisance that some of the so-called victims were actually perpetrators of such barbaric activities.