As the nation commemorates the 39th independence anniversary celebrations, war collaborators are pleading with government to honour them for their brave sacrifices while protecting areas like the Chomukoto range and the Belingwe Mountain which have a rich liberation war history.                

The Chomukoto six kilometre-mountain range in Mberengwa was used to attack the enemy.                

The memoirs surrounding Chomukoto range are still fresh in the minds of war collaborators who witnessed the war of liberation.

The range which is between Mberengwa and Inyala Mine where former Rhodesia prime minister Ian Smith’s soldiers had established a camp was used by war liberators to ambush white soldiers.

War collaborators said they dug pits which they covered with drums and rolled tyres to pretend as if the path was used by vehicles and in the process, settler vehicles fell into the pits leading to their attack.                         

The Chomukoto battle is also known for disrupting the surfacing of the road as drums of tar kept at the land development officer’s residence were burnt and spilled into the river.

On Thursday, Zimbabwe commemorates its 39th independence anniversary celebrations.