The various non-combative groups that worked with liberation fighters during Zimbabwe’s second Chimurenga have now been unified into a single organisation, named the Veterans of the Liberation Struggle.

The Minister of Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators and Former Political Detainees and Restrictees, Cde Tshinga Dube made the announcement while addressing the second meeting of the association of liberation war veteran cadres at the Zanu PF Headquarters in Harare today.

The issue of disunity and power struggles in different liberation war collaborators’ groups had become a huge menace that threatened to destroy the ruling party in recent years.

The Mujibhas and Chimbwidos had united under different umbrellas like ZILWACO, ZILAWA, Ex political prisoners, detainees and various others, but beginning from this day the different groups of non combatant cadres have been brought together as the Veterans of the Liberation Struggle.

The move is in keeping with the 2013 constitution which recognises the sacrifices taken by the brave men and women to contribute to the liberation of Zimbabwe.

Minister Dube said his ministry has established  a department that will ensure that all those who qualify as non combatant cadres are properly registered as they deserve to get some recognition under section 20, 23 and 84 of the constitution which stipulates on the rights and privileges of war veterans.

Defence Minister, Dr Sydney Sekeramayi said government is in the process of aligning the law to ensure that the rights of non combatant cadres are fulfilled.

He said their grievances will be forwarded to higher structures of the party and government for deliberations reassuring them that the law should pass in parliament with speed as the party has the majority.

Dr Sekeramayi who is secretary for defence in the Zanu PF party began his address by assuring the non combatant cadres that those who crossed the border to join the struggle and were not absorbed for military training qualify to be given membership of Veterans of the Liberation Struggle as it was the love for their country which motivated them to abandon their families for the struggle.

War collaborators, Mujibhas and Chimbwidos had been left out of those veterans that were receiving war gratuities.