World Association of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (WALPG) says there is greater investment opportunities in Zimbabwe owing to the increased uptake of LP gas in the country.

LP gas has been widely used as it is regarded as a cheaper alternative to electricity and its demand in Zimbabwe rose from 5 million cubic meters in 2012 to 15 million cubic meters this year.

Speaking to the ZBC News in Harare today, WALPG Deputy Managing Director, Michael Kelly, who is in the country to explore the Zimbabwean LP gas market, said there is great potential in Zimbabwe given the existing foundation of the industry.

Chairman of the Liquid Petroleum Gas Association, Mr Ronald Ndoro revealed that the association has already licensed 16 wholesalers and 60 retailers of LP gas in the country and is looking forward to license more.

The LP gas industry has gained traction in Zimbabwe lately given that it is affordable and is a sustainable energy.