Vulnerable members of society are set to benefit from free mbira playing lessons being conducted by student teachers from Belvedere Technical Teachers College (BTTC) to be held every weekend.

Vulnerable members of society who include street kids and the physically challenged will be kept away from various illegal activities such as drug abuse as they have something that could occupy them during weekends.

They are being taught mbira lessons with most of them saying they are now looking forward to own their musical groups whilst those who are physically challenged say the programme has come at the right time as they can now empower themselves.

Dubbed “Mbira in the Park”, the programme is set to teach the learners how to play various mbira techniques, mastering the instrument and empowering the youths who have nothing to do during their spare time, says a student teacher from BTTC Kelvin Chikumbirike.

The mbira playing sessions are also coming in handy as way to rehabilitate those who used to abuse drugs as they are also receiving counseling lessons.