Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) around the country have been commended for contributing immensely to the development of skills in the informal sector.

Steering youths in the right path can be quite challenging but investing in them through skills training will prepare a better and productive generation.

It is critical that VTCs continue to train life skills that can feed into attaining vision 2030 of an upper middle class economy was the message during a graduation ceremony at Mutare Vocational Training Centre.

Mrs Theresa Mupanduki, provincial youth coordinator in the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation applauded Mutare Vocational Training Centre for teaching life changing skills to the youth with the aim of bringing development to the country.

“The skills change life philosophy which is also enshrined in the college’s thinking is a master stroke. I am very delighted by the fact that the college has former graduates being engaged in informal businesses at the famous Sakubva green market indeed these are living testimonies and clear cut examples of the effects of skills. The backbone of any given nation in terms of economic development is hinged in the informal sector department. Your support in this business is a right step in the fulfillment of vision 2030,” said Mrs Mupanduki.

The hope of any nation is to become productive and this can only happen if youths are equipped with relevant technical skills said Mutare Vocational Training Centre principal Mr Denver Rusinga.

“We have examples of great nations which are as a result of massive production the likes of China. As a college we emulate such great nations. The college is in support of the vision of our leadership that we should engage ourselves in mass mobilisation front in terms of innovation and skills development amongst the youths in preparation of vision 2030,” he said.

Mutare Vocational Training Centre is one of the 49 VTCs in the country.

The 14th graduation ceremony saw 87 male and 30 female students graduating in various skills.

The theme for the graduation ceremony was, “Training the Hands to be Productive for Economic Growth and a Better Community”.