Vice President Retired General Constantino Chiwenga has re-affirmed government’s commitment to uplifting the standards of living of the people through fully supporting socio-economic s activities in their areas.

Retired General Chiwenga said this today during a rally held at Filabusi business centre in the gold rich district of Insiza, where the majority of people depend on exploiting the yellow metal.

He said the government will therefore support the artisanal miners through the $100 million facility in order to boost the key economic sector and improve the income of the small scale producers.

“They normally call you Amakorokoza but that has to change, you are artisanal miners. The President has secured $100 million to assist small scale producers so that you can use the right equipment for gold mining. We will also be establishing gold centres across the country to increase local gold production. There will also be geologists who will help you mine in an environmentally friendly manner,” he said.

Vice President Chiwenga also said he is also aware of the challenges that small holder farmers in Silalatshane Irrigation Scheme are facing, citing the huge water debt that the facility owes ZINWA.

“I understand the district was given fingerlings under the command fisheries programme, but ZINWA is denying you from benefitting from this scheme. The fish do not belong to you but to the communities. In Silalatshane, farmers are struggling to offset their water bill but I hope we can talk to the Minister of Environment so that the debt is cancelled,” he said.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration is fully committed to turning around the economic fortunes of the country’s provinces through the implementation of a devolved system of governance, reiterated Vice President Chiwenga.

“Devolution gives power and responsibilities to the lower tiers of the government. It means provincial ministers’ role will be to push for economic development. We want each province to have its own GDP with a certain percentage going to the central government. The remaining funds will be used to develop the province,” he said. 

The Vice President added that other areas of improvement will be witnessed in the education sector where investment in science laboratories will be a priority, while the health delivery system and road infrastructure will also be transformed.

Retired General Chiwenga urged party supporters to vote resoundingly for President Mnangagwa and all other Zanu PF National Assembly and Local Government election candidates.