vp mujuru irvines tour 05-10-11.pngVice President Joice Mujuru says she is impressed by the expansion carried out by Irvines Chickens which has led to a massive downstream employment.

Speaking after touring the company in Harare this Tuesday, Cde Mujuru said developments at the company follows its request to government to export its products during the 2008-2009 economic downturn in order to raise funds for its expansion programme.

“Yes, we commend Irvines for a wonderful job in terms of production and massive employment opportunities for the people, but we need to have a few things done for the country and for people to really enter the business of production.

“We no longer have the middle class in the country and we want to see somebody else come out of this offshoot to be the middle of this country and be able to support the country’s economy,” said VP Mujuru.

To date the company has invested US$5 million in the production of eggs, chicks and chickens and it now boasts of 80% of the Mozambique day old chick share, 60% in Botswana and 40% in Malawi.

The company which slaughters 250 000 chickens a week and produces 750 000 eggs a day employs thousands of workers at its farms and factories.

“We are doing about 200 000 chickens a week at the moment and its all local consumption.


We are trying to empower people in rural areas to look after chickens and feed themselves and improve their well-being,” said Dave Irvines, the chief executive officer of the chicken firm.

Vice President Mujuru said what has happened at Irvines should be the order of the day at all farms in the country so that the land reform programme becomes a success.