vp mjuru.jpgVice President Cde Joice Mujuru, has commended a local organisation for being dedicated and supportive to legislators and communities and working towards improving the relationship that exists between those elected into office and the electorate. 


Vice President Mujuru who was addressing legislators and other delegates who gathered to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a local organization, Public Affairs and Parliamentary Support Trust (PAPST) which focuses on nurturing the response and delivery capacity of elected representatives and appointed leaders said she was pleased with the achievements that PAPST has made over the past 10 years in building relations between members of parliament and their constituencies.

She said PAPST has managed to provide a forum for constituencies to understand the role of members of parliament while at the same time allowing members of parliament to appreciate the concerns of their constituencies.

“As a member of parliament myself, I have come to appreciate the challenges of representing a rural constituency and also the challenges that lie on how to effectively represent the constituency whilst fostering development that is tangible and sustainable given the limited fiscal resources,” said Cde. Mujuru.

Cde Mujuru also noted that the activities being carried out by PAPST are critical as the nation is striving to create and nature a strong sense of nationhood, tolerance and peaceful co-existence among all Zimbabweans.

PAPST Executive Director, Mr. Michael Mataure said they have managed to work with legislators successfully and have organized programmes and workshops to enhance constituency development.

PAPST which was formed 10 years ago, has managed to successfully hold 100 constituency relations workshops around the country since 2001 and more than 170 legislators have benefited from the organization’s efforts.


 A total number of 5000 participants have managed to attend the workshops organized by this organization.