vp mujuru with envoys 04-08-10.jpgVice President Joice Mujuru yesterday met three ambassadors and one special representative.

Cde Mujuru first met the Kuwaiti Ambassador, Abdullah Al-Sharhn, who said he is seeking to extend good relations between the two countries.

“Zimbabwe and Kuwait have very good relations and I am here to enhance the relations especially on the economic front,” said Al-Sharhn.

Second was the United Nations Development Programme representative, Mr. Allan Noudehou, who has been in the country for three weeks said the relationship between the UN agency and Zimbabwe is cordial.

United States Ambassador, Charles Ray, said the 10 months he has been in the country have been a learning experience and continues to learn to get the feel of the country.

“I am developing and understanding the culture here and I think I will continue developing and understanding until the day I leave,” said Ambassador Ray.

Cde Mujuru also met Pakistani Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Zulfikar Ali-shar who said the two countries enjoy excellent relations that have been in existence since a few decades.