vp mujuru 02-01-11 2.jpgVice President Joice Mujuru has hailed the close working relations existing between Zimbabwe and Namibia.

She was speaking during a meeting with Namibian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Dr Panuleni Kaino Shingenge at her Munhumutapa Offices in Harare this Friday.

Cde Mujuru explained how the two countries’ friendship and brotherly ties were forged in liberation struggles of the two countries.

She also expressed Zimbabwe’s willingness and readiness to continue working together for prosperity and development.

Ambassador Shimngenge said Namibia is keen to strengthen partnerships with Zimbabwe in the economic sector especially the agricultural and mining sectors.

Zimbabwe and Namibia share common membership in the SADC region, COMESA and the African Union (AU).

In 2004, Zimbabwe and Namibia signed a US$40 million agreement for the refurbishment of the Hwange Power Station.