Vice President Kembo Mohadi says the new multibillion dollar investment by the local business people in Bulawayo is in line with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s vision of a middle income economy by 2030 and called on other economic players to take full advantage of the prevailing peace in the country and expand their businesses.

Speaking when he introduced the President at the Hopeville Housing Project, Vice President Mohadi said the economic intercourse between government and the business community in the housing sector is commendable given that all the people in the country need standard accommodation as a basic human right.

He said the new investment is a thumbs up for the new government and demonstrates that Zimbabwe is an investor friendly nation where both local and foreign investors are free to do business in the country.

The Vice President said the main thrust for the new government is to facilitate investment and development by ensuring an investor friendly environment prevails in the country.

This he said is in line with promises made during the campaign where President Mnangagwa assured the nation that soon after elections the focus will be to revive the economy which slumped in the past 20 years due to a number of reasons chief amongst them being punitive sanctions which were imposed on Zimbabwe by Britain and its allies after the government apportioned the national estate land to black Zimbabweans.