court hammer latest.jpgThe Administrative Court has dismissed an application by Voxmedia Productions, one of the losing applicants for national commercial radio licences issued last year.


Voxmedia had made an urgent application seeking the suspension of licences issued to Zimpapers and AB Communications.


The company was also seeking an interim interdict barring Zimpapers and AB Communications from operating until the court issued a determination of its appeal.


However, the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) opposed Voxmedia’s application, arguing that the Administrative Court did not have powers to suspend the order or determination of another tribual and therefore could not suspend the issued licences.


BAZ also further argued that the application was not urgent as Voxmedia had contributed to the delay regarding the preparation of the record in its appeal.


In dismissing the Voxmedia application, the Administrative Court ruled that the matter was not urgent and that the court did not have power to suspend the licences.