voters roll.jpgA call has been made for the amendment of the Zimbabwe Electoral Act for it to guarantee voter secrecy for the visually impaired and other assisted voters.

As the nation finalises the constitution making process with prospects of elections next year, the visually impaired have called for the reform of the Electoral Act as the current system does not guarantee voter secrecy for this group.

National Association of Societies For The Care Of The Handicapped Programme Officer-Research and Advocacy, Mr. Tsarai Mungoni said the idea of being escorted by strangers into the voting booth infringes the rights of people with blindness and called for the introduction of brail to the voting system.

Legal expert, Mr. Fortune Chasi conceded that rights of the visually impaired are not guaranteed in the current system saying some voters may not trust polling officers.

Recent elections held in Zambia allowed voters with special needs to have a family member or friend who is a registered voter or might choose any other registered voter who is at the same polling station.

The presiding officer can only be called if the person has no one to assist him or her.