wirebending.jpgVisual art expresses life. Some genres use wood, stone, metal, paint and paper or oil on canvas. One of the most popular visual art form is wire art.

Though its origins are not known, in Zimbabwe this type of art is more popular with children.

Moreso technology advances have seen modes of artistic expression continue to evolve, the use of pliers and wire strands is one form of art that has been present for a long time.

Wire bending artists have developed the art to represent and interpret the different facets of life, with the most popular wire art form being the kinetic and mobile forms.

ZBC News spoke to some craftsman of the art form to establish the uniqueness of the craft.


Some modern day artists have left their mark on the world by breaking the rules of what some have considered “art,” Some have tuned to non-traditional techniques but the use of wire to depict life is one technique that has lived to see the sands of time.