As part of Visual Arts Annual Programme going on at First Floor Gallery in Harare, a Canvas and Ceramics Art Exhibition is taking place in an effort to showcase works of emerging young talent. moffart takadiwa.jpg

The pieces of art are done in ceramics and canvass using oil paintings in abstract, modern and contemporary paintings all done by hand.


The use of bright paint and dark ones are used to depict various backgrounds and settings.


Curator and ceramics artists, Moffat Takadiwa, says the exhibition which is done independently is giving opportunities to young people an opportunity to highlight their work to the international and the local market.

Since 1990, canvass print has been associated with either dye sublimation or inkjet process.  After the image is painted, the canvass is trimmed to size and glued to traditional stretcher bars or a wooden panel and displayed in a frame in a gallery.

Among the young artists who have exhibited at the First Floor Gallery so far is Nyasha Mujati, Kura Maponga, Clive Mukucha and Sky Salanje. Most of their works focus on fine arts including semi-realism and abstract work.

World over, emerging visual artists are being urged to experiment with their work without being limited by guidelines of visual arts. The exhibitions runs until the 21st of this month .