visual_art.jpgA visual art exhibition by Munyaradzi Mazarire, titled ‘The Letter to God’, representing religious and traditional diversity through mixed media has opened at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

With two and three dimensional works on display, the solo show is an artistic response to contemporary society’s quest for righteousness which is characterised by religious and traditional diversity that have inspired people to redefine their identities to match the changing times and become acceptable for peace, love and harmony to prevail.

Producer of the works, Mazarire, says prayer replaces the negative with positivity, inspiring hearts towards wisdom and compassion.


He said the series of Shona letters to God in this exhibition highlights the significant need for positivity, social harmony, peace and love.

Guest of honour at the exhibition’s opening, Austrian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, hailed the artistic prowess shown by Mazarire saying his depiction of religion shows how different societies can co-exist in one place.

Religion and tradition have clashed on many fora as religion has been accepted as an alternative way to life, with both accepting the existence of an omnipotent being though the difference lies on doctrines.