mdc-t supporters clash with police.pngViolence reared its ugly head once again in Chitungwiza where Zanu PF and MDC-T supporters clashed, leading to the cancellation of an MDC-T rally that was scheduled for Chibuku Stadium.

When ZBC News arrived in the town, police anti-riot squads had been deployed to calm the tensions and after numerous running battles to disperse the youths, the town was at peace again, but with the environment being extremely volatile.

The MDC-T leadership then called for a media briefing, but the ZBC News crew was denied access into the building by the party’s youths and it had to take minutes of persuasion by the party’s Chairman, Lovemore Moyo for the crew to be admitted.

Addressing journalists, MDC-T Secretary General, Mr Tendai Biti accused Zanu PF youths for the violence.

“They [rowdy youths] are literally hungry for the people that have been stoned and killed by Zanu PF. Some of the youths are actually here,” said Mr Biti.

However Zanu PF DCC1 Chairman, Cde Wilfred Gwekwete said MDC-T went on a beating spree on Friday night while mobilising people to attend their rally and on Saturday, people went to the rally’s venue to make a formal complaint only to be answered by fists and stones.

“The reason why people went to Chibuku Stadium was to find answers as to why they were beaten yesterday. Otherwise as Zanu PF, we have no hand in what happened here, it is just a result of what happened yesterday,” Cde Gwekwete said.

Observers have questioned why people are not taking heed of President Robert Mugabe’s calls for peace and tolerance, adding that elections have only been said to be sometime next year yet already the country is witnessing violent scenes.

Last weekend, violence was witnessed in Hatcliffe while on Tuesday, MDC-T youths clashed with police in Harare’s Central Business District.