british police-in-riot-gear-.jpgPolitical analysts say the violence that has hit the United Kingdom is a slap in the face for a country that claims to be a champion of democracy and has exposed the total failure by the British government to uphold democratic principles.

Political analyst, Dr Tafataona Mahoso says the violent protests were expected as the British government, which claims to be a champion of democracy, is now forced to have a taste of its own medicine as the violence erupted in an area inhabited by neglected ethnic and social groups.

Dr Mahoso was quick to question the deliberate silence by the western media on the mass riots in Israel and latest developments in their own turf.

mahoso.jpgPolitical scientist, Professor Jonathan Moyo said the violence that has hit London has exposed British authorities’ hypocrisy and double standards as they parade democratic principles by day yet they exhibits the opposite by night.

“What is interesting is that the western press is quick to call for regime change when things go wrong in other countries like Libya, Afghanistan and Zimbabwe, among others but are silent when faced with similar problems,” Dr Mahoso said.

Professor Moyo added that by rioting, British citizens are realising the weakness of the economic models of capitalism and neo-liberal capitalism.

London is besieged by the protesters mainly the youth.

Violence and looting started on Saturday in Tottenham, with hundreds of demonstrators taking to the streets in protest to the shooting to death of a 29 year old black man, Mark Duggan in a racially motivated police attack.

While the western countries have been quick to criticise developing countries on human rights and racial discrimination, it remains to be seen whether the British authorities will facilitate justice for the benefit of the marginalised communities.