The violence that rocked the country early last week has adversely affected aviation and tourism sectors with revelations that several flights were either delayed or cancelled.

Hooligans went on the rampage torching vehicles and looting several retail outlets across the country during last week’s violent protests.

While the retail sector has come under spotlight for being one of the most affected sectors, behind the imagination of many are the losses being counted by the aviation and tourism sectors during the skirmishes.

Worrying revelations are that several flights from Harare had to be delayed or cancelled by both the national airline, Air Zimbabwe and private players such as Fastjet, while one flight landed in harare with just 9 passengers.

“The violence was a disaster for the two sectors, and it should not be repeated. Several flights were cancelled as passengers either postponed or cancelled their bookings for fear of the events that unfolded last week. Imagine that one flight took to the skies and land at our Harare airport with just nine passengers. So, the tourism sector was also adversely affected,” said Advocate Fortune Chasi, the Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development.

Zimbabwe’s tourism sector is hoping to build on the re-engagement efforts by the new dispensation to grow its tourist arrival figures, which stood at 2,4 million last year.

The government of Zimbabwe has since stepped in to arrest over 700 perpetrators of the violence, and the Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Cde Monica Mutsvangwa on Saturday assured all Zimbabweans, tourists and the diplomatic community that the situation has since normalised and their security in now more than guaranteed.