In many developed countries, when cars reach a prescribed mileage they are crushed and the various parts recycled.

On the African continent however, most beyond mileage cars have remained treasures that still enjoy the sleekness of the highways.

While the newer brand of vehicles boasts of advanced features some almost turned into half car half plane speed to the envy of many car lovers green, vintage cars have also remained with a special place in the hearts of a few. They are reminders of a time gone by when the vehicle was a prized possession.

A Dangamvura resident in Mutare, Mr Samuel Tsau is one vintage collector and has since the 1970s amassed over 15 vehicles of various makes and models.

Mr Tsau also has interesting accounts of some of the vehicles that he has among them a 1963 Morris station wagon, 1100 Morris sedan as well as an Austin pickup.

The owner of the vintage vehicles said despite the passage of time, nothing beats the original when it comes to cars.