tsvangiraim.jpgDuring the liberation struggle rural people felt the brunt of the war and would not want a repeat of it, hence they have called on Mr Morgan Tsvangirai to be responsible for any violent act that may occur as a result of his Davos talk with Fox News in Switzerland.

The struggle for Zimbabwe’s independence will not be completely written without mentioning the rural people who were abused by the Rhodesian army and its sellouts scouts.

Today villagers still remember vividly what war does and means, hence their call on Tsvangirai and the MDC-T to be held accountable for their threats of an Egyptian and Tunisian style revolts.

In Goromonzi District, ZBC News was told that the villagers are well aware of the attempts by the MDC-T of turning the country into a violent zone in pursuit of neo-colonial ideologies.

The villagers vowed that they will never want to see the Egypt-Tunisia style of violence and conflict in Zimbabwe describing Mr Tsvangirai’s statements as child talk.

“Mr Tsvangirai should be warned that the Egyptian and Tunisian style are not applicable to Zimbabwe,” said one villager.

The villagers said said it was high time the MDC-T was made aware that its sharp appetite for violence is an attempt to make Zimbabwe ungovernable so that the regime change agenda is achieved.