The launch and promotion of village savings and lending schemes have been cited as critical building blocks towards accelerating sustainable development in rural communities.

Matikwa Mufushwa Group in Chipinge’s ward 26 is a shining example of a successful savings scheme in Chipinge with the money being channelled towards various activities to improve on production.

Matikwa Savings and Lending Scheme Vice Chairperson, Mariton Hove said villagers have been able to save thousands of dollars with part of the money going to finance a community based goat breeding programme after finding an export market for goat meat.

He said the scheme will help reduce poverty levels while some of the project beneficiaries said the savings scheme has started transforming their lives as the money is directed to fund projects owned by different producer groups that are part of the scheme.

Local councillor, Misheck Busa Ngabanye said the community driven savings and lending schemes give the community power to champion development projects in their areas and not to over rely on donations.

Matikwa Savings and Lending Scheme is gaining ground as most people are joining with the figure now surpassing 180 members.