supa mndiwanziraa.jpgThe National Executive Council of the Affirmative Action Group headed by Mr Supa Collins Mandiwanzira and deputized by Mr Temba Mliswa, Advocate Farai Mutamangira and Mr Sam Ncube learnt with surprise an announcement in the press orchestrated by Ms Rushwaya where in she tried to appoint herself to the leadership of the Affirmative Action Group as its Vice President.


The Group wants it known to every one that there is currently no vacancy for the post of Vice President in the organisation and there wont be any such appointment until such time as when those currently occupying the post were to step down or be caused to leave office in terms of the current constitution of the organisation.

We are greatly concerned that at a time when we are engaged in such a programme of national importance that one person should want to cause confusion by claiming to have been appointed into the organisation at such a high level when the whole thing is a mere make believe story.


Ms Rushwaya is not a member of AAG and has never been a member before, has no idea how we function, has never met with the National Executive Committee and we have no single record of her ever making any attempt to show interest in AAG, let alone intimating her interest to play a part.

It comes as a shock to us that she had the audacity to make an announcement of her own appointment. Under normal circumstances, all appointments are made by the organisation through a legitimate structure and an authorised official.


AAG and its entire membership welcomes all people with interest in the organisation and are willing to work for day and night to advance our cause.


However, we have no space for non members who want to create their own rules and impose their wish on us and in the process, creating unnecessary confusion to a programme that has so far been moving in the right direction and taking the indigenisation and economic empowerment programme to the people.

We therefore reject any association with the announcement that was made by Ms Rushwaya and we ask her to desist from making any further statements in the name of the organisation.


There is more at stake than just positions and at this juncture, we are not prepared to be derailed on this important mission by anyone. AAG is on a nation wide programme to strengthen its membership base. If Ms Rushwaya wants to come in, she can join AAG as every one else and make her way up from there.