victoria-falls-.jpgVictoria Falls based Marimba Arts Ensemble, Simunye entertained 40 Journalists who recently attended the just ended Federation of African Journalists Congress which was held in Zimbabwe.


The journalists had visited the resort town of Victoria falls as part of their excursion.

Marimba music is an art discipline steeped in the tradition of the Shona people and as such Simunye Arts Ensemble is set to welcome visitors in the resort town of Victoria Falls through various traditional dances.


The group’s singers and players of the traditional instruments have developed a strong attachment and love for marimba whilst dressed in their traditional regalia as they entertain visitors from all over the world.


Visitors normally follow the group as they play at various places in the resort town of Victoria Falls.

The artists feel that through colonisation and suppression of the indigenous cultures of the world, people have lost their sense of self –importance and the powers of their traditional culture.

It was in 2006 that the talented young men decided to follow their hearts and enter into the world of traditional music and as such the group decided to come up with a distinct musical style that adds a fusion of Zimbabwean traditional music.


A total of 40 journalists from African countries who attended the just ended Federation of African Journalists congress in Zimbabwe were entertained by Simunye Arts Ensemble in Victoria Falls courtesy of the Ministry of Media, Information and Publicity.