The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) is set to handover the water management rights to the Victoria Falls Municipality in a development which the residents and local authority have welcomed as a lasting solution to the water challenges that the resort town has been facing.

After a long and protracted struggle to have the right to water administration, the Victoria Falls Municipality will now have the privilege to manage the resort town’s water affairs.

Victoria Falls town clerk Mr Ronnie Dube is optimistic that the handover of water administration to the local authority will foster accountability and enhance efficiency for the benefit of the residents and the tourism industry.

“We received official communication from the responsible ministry for the handover and take over. These are exciting times because this is what we have been clamouring for as a town,” he said.

According to the town clerk, the municipality is close to securing funding towards the roll out of the $20 million water and sewer upgrade project aimed at improving the water infrastructure in line with the expansion of the town.

“Current infrastructure cannot sustain the expansion we are experiencing and I can tell you that we are close to securing funding for the WASH Project,” said Mr Dube.

The surge in investment projects, expansion of the town and growth of the tourism industry has put pressure on the local authority to enhance its services.