The local tourism industry has hailed the nomination of Victoria Falls by a United State online publication as the only ‘must visit destination’ on the continent for April 2018, describing it as a major endorsement of the resort town as a safe and hospitable destination.

American financial and business news website, Business Insider, which is also a top opinion shaper, recently nominated Victoria Falls as the only must visit destination in Africa for April 2018.

The country’s premier tourists destination was also among the 13 best places to travel to as adjudged by the publication.

Tourism players say the development is a major endorsement of the destination as a safe destination and yet another confirmation of the renewed confidence in Zimbabwe.

“We are excited about this development. It goes on to show how safe we are as a destination. It is also reflective of the efforts stakeholders are making in transforming the resort town into an attractive destination,” a tour operator, Mr Luke Mapako said.

Local and foreign tourists also agreed that the jaw-dropping waterfall is a must visit place as it is a remarkable natural wonder comparable to none.

The endorsement of the destination as a must visit place comes at a time the resort town is experiencing a massive rebound as evinced by surge in arrivals and increased investments.

In coming up with the list of the 13 must visit places in the world, the Business Insider looked at among other things, airfare trends, climate data and peak travel times.