A Victoria Falls man was crushed by a passenger train on Saturday afternoon near Masuwe River, a few kilometres from the resort town in a suspected case of suicide.

The 38 year old man identified as Hilton Makanda was crushed by the Bulawayo bound passenger train.

The deceased is said to have been lying motionless on the railway track before being crushed by the train.

It is yet to be established whether Makanda was still alive when the train crushed him.

When the ZBC News team arrived at the scene, a few Victoria Falls residents were on the scene, while Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers were busy removing the body parts from the track.

According to the engine driver, after realising that there was a body on the track, he tried to stop the train while at the same time hooting but the man remained motionless and was crushed by the train.

The body of the deceased was taken to Victoria Falls hospital for post mortem.