The Victoria Falls farming community has come up with an agricultural association to promote collaboration, sharing of knowledge and skills as well as improve production in the farming sector.

Farmers in Victoria Falls and surrounding areas face a number of challenges which include inadequate resources to buy inputs as well as failure to get a guaranteed market.

The association is among other things expected to assist local farmers in sourcing capital, initiating training programmes and educational trips through which farmers could improve their skills, produce high quality vegetables and be consistent in supplying produce to the market, notes founder of the Victoria Falls Agricultural Association Mr Aaron Ndhlovu.

“We don’t want a situation whereby we are supplying people with, let’s say tomatoes or cabbages then at one point in time we have nothing. Then the market is failing to be supplied so we want to close that gap and since we are around Victoria Falls and since Victoria Falls was declared a special economic zone we feel we should tap into that as well we should assist and be very active farmers,” he said.

The farmers, who participated at the inaugural meeting welcomed the initiative saying they had been considering abandoning some of their projects because they could not establish a market for their produce.

The membership is drawn from local farmers from the resort town and surrounding areas and a committee is already in place to craft a working constitution and plan a programme for the association.

The association will start off in Victoria Falls and spread to the rest of the district before expanding further to become a provincial entity.