cattle 01.09.10.jpgThe veterinary services department says its vaccination programme is on course with locally manufactured vaccines and dipping chemicals readily available ahead of the rainy season which is normally characterised by outbreaks of various livestock diseases.


The veterinary field services department says it is on course to meet the October deadline for the vaccination programme in the communal areas to avert any possible outbreaks of seasonal livestock diseases.
The Director of the veterinary field services, Dr Unesu Ushewokunze Obatolu says farmers should ensure that their livestock, especially cattle, are protected against vector borne disease which usually occur during the summer season.


“As a department we do a national vaccination programme in which we visit various communal areas, but for the communal farmer they have their own programmes in which they work with private veterinary practitioners.


“This year we have been more than prepared as we acquired raw materials to locally manufacture vaccines and dipping chemicals. So the programme has been very successful,” said Dr Obatolu.


At least 278 animals among them cattle, goats, sheep and donkeys have died as a result of livestock disease outbreaks which occurred in the last quarter of last year.


Statistics from the Department of Veterinary Services indicate that in the 169 outbreaks recorded, a total of 278 livestock died from diseases such as anthrax, tick-borne disease, rabies, lumpy skin and black leg with cattle being the worst affected.


The outbreak of diseases such as anthrax has a negative impact on the rebuilding of the national herd as in most cases the affected cattle die.