Farmers in the Uzumba area of Mashonaland East Province have been encouraged to venture into finger millet production for commercial purposes.

As part of encouraging farmers to venture into finger millet production, Uzumba legislator Cde Simbaneuta Mudarikwa has teamed up with the Grain Marketing Board and Agritex in a programme to work towards empowering farmers with knowledge on how to grow the crop.

The villagers welcomed the programme which they say has given them the opportunity to appreciate the value of the crop.

Cde Mudarikwa said the sharing of indigenous and scientific knowledge by the farmers and experts give growers of the crop an appreciation of its value.

“We have decided to train these farmers in finger millet production so that they have an appreciation of its nutritional and commercial value,” he said.

Eustinah Hafe from GMB and Agritex officer Gustin Aideen spoke on the importance of the crop for both commercial and nutritional purposes.

“It is important for farmers to appreciate the value of this crop which has been looked down upon by farmers yet it is one of the most nutritious crops,” they said.

The farmers were drawn from 8 wards from the constituency and they brought different varieties of the crop which are found in the area.