There was commotion at Fourth Street bus terminus in Harare as people jostled to see a local sangoma who was reportedly invited by touts and vendors to assist them with juju to evade arrest by the municipal police.

Attracted by the commotion, the ZBC News crew managed to capture the sight of Sekuru Kamwelo Banda as he was called by those who were present.

Some of the vendors openly declared their interest in engaging the sangoma with some saying their business was not good and wanted to boost it while others wanted the muti to evade arrest.

Sekuru Banda could neither confirm nor deny whether his visit was to help those wishing to evade law enforcement agents.

He however confirmed that he was visiting his clients who operate from the city centre.

Whether the vendors and touts got the assistance they wanted or not and whether Sekuru Banda is able to help in such incidents is debatable, but the commotion caused is a clear testimony of the belief that is held by many regarding the efficacy of traditional medicine.