More than 2 000 vendors from Gweru who were moved to designated sites by Gweru Council to the outskirts of the town are threatening to return to the pavements following the flooding of the sites which has made the area inaccessible and difficult to work from.

The heavy rains that pounded the city in the past few days left the designated vending site at the open space near swift flooded and muddy making it difficult for the vendors to work from the site.

They (vendors) said the situation is now threatening their livelihoods as their clients cannot access the flooded area to buy their wares.

Although some were happy with the vending site they said the problem of flooding which left some of their goods submerged in water will soon force them back to the pavements.

They implored the local authority to expedite the setting up of a proper a drainage system that will ease flooding at the site.

Concerns were also raised over the sprouting of illegal vendors which they said council is taking long to address.

The local authority is mobilising resources for drainage systems on the site said chamber secretary Vakayi Chikwekwe who also added that a committee is already in place that will look into the issue of illegal vendors on the streets.

The strong willed ones have since deserted their vending bays at the designated sites and they are back on the streets of Gweru selling their wares which at times distract movement of people.