vendors.jpgRetailers operating within the capital’s Central Business District have castigated the Harare City Council for failing to deal with the problem of illegal vending which they say is now compromising their operations.

Some retailers say the illegal vendors who operate outside their premises sell the same products found in their shops.

Others also claim they are now losing business as customers are shunning them due to congestion caused by illegal vendors.

Members of the public also complained that moving in Harare’s pavements has become difficult as vendors have literally taken over.

However Zbc’s efforts to get a response from council drew a blank with the city’s spokesperson, Mr. Lesley Gwindi claiming vending is an old practice that cannot make news.

Recently, Local Government,Rural and Urban Development Minister, Cde Ignatius Chombo denounced vending on prohibited places as an illegal practice that should be stopped.

For years the Harare City Council has been blamed for their half hearted approach in dealing with illegal vending leaving many questioning whether they are committed to bringing back the Sunshine City Status to the capital.