Manicaland Province targets to continue on a positive trajectory in reducing veld fires as it registered a 31 percent decline in the number of hectares destroyed by veld fires last year.

Manicaland is one of the provinces that have recorded a decline in the number of hectares destroyed by fire with alarming figures of over 30 000 hectares in 2016 going down to about 21 000 last year.

Guest of honour at the provincial fire launch in Chipinge, Mr Parshon Muranganwa, said the province should be inspired by the success registered so far to further reduce veld fires as they have a devastating effect on the environment, property and life.

“Manicaland is the highest producer of timber in the country and the industry contributes significantly to the national economy hence the need to prevent veld fires,” he said.

Manicaland Forestry Extension Manager, Mr Phillip Tom, echoed the same sentiments saying Chipinge and Manicaland’s huge forest plantations and properties, if destroyed by fire will have detrimental effects on the economy and survival of the people.

“The fight against veld fires is everyone’s responsibility and we should contribute towards the reduction of the land destroyed by fire,” said Mr Tom.

The Manicaland provincial fire launch was running under the theme, “Veld Fires Destroy the Environment, Life and Property-Prevent Them”.