green-leafy-vegetables.jpgVegetable prices continue to go up at the Mbare Musika market due to unfavourable winter conditions which are affecting the supply side of the commodity.


The winter season which is characterised by very low temperatures continues to affect the supply side of green vegetables and cabbages, resulting in the price of the commodities at Mbare Musika produce markets going up.


Cabbages traded for $1 per head from the previous price of $1 for two cabbages.


Vegetables which were selling at $3 for a 5kg bundle in the previous weeks went $2 up to sell at $5.


Tomatoes were the cheapest commodity at the market trading at $4 for a 10kg box $3 less than last week’s $7.


Potatoes also plunged from between $11 and $12 per 15kg pocket to sell at $10 per pocket.


Butternuts remained stagnant trading at $3 for a 10kg pocket , while the price of carrots was also unchanged at $8 for a 10kg pocket.


Cucumbers which are in short supply at the moment were pegged at $10 per 10 kg pocket while peas were selling at $3 for a 2kg tin.


Oranges remained unmoved at $2 per 10kg pocket while apples were valued at $6 for a 10kg box.