Varun Beverages, an Indian company commissioned by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in 2018, continues to expand, bearing testimony to vast opportunities that Zimbabwe offers to investors.

The company is overwhelmed by demand of its products in the local market and has since completed a second line of production to meet growing demand.

“Zimbabwe presents an exciting investment case for us and we see a bright future here. In less than a year, we are churning out more production units than we anticipated,” said Varun Beverages General Manager, Mr Fungai Murahwa.

The company is responding to the government’s call for import substitution by producing packaging materials onsite, despite other companies in the same sector requesting for allocation of forex from the government for the same materials.

“We do make our own bottles here and this is a huge foreign currency saver because our import requirements have been largely reduced,” added Mr Murawha.

The company has overcome various setbacks to be where it is and has confidence in the long-term economic prospects of Zimbabwe.