diamonds 03.08.10.jpgThe business community says there is need for concerted efforts towards the revival of the national export strategy based on value-addition to guide exporting firms to enhance an increased export revenue, in order for the country to realise quick economic recovery.


The call comes at a time when the country is embarking on a regional integration agenda as well as trying to run away from exporting unprocessed products.


Business analyst, Mr Rutendo Rutendo said the revival of the national export strategy is critical in enhancing international cooperation with the nation moving away from exporting primary products.


“There is need for the nation to come up with a new export strategy as there is value in exporting finished goods which give high revenue for the nation,” said Mr Rutendo.


Tourism and Travel Executive, Mr Abicia Ushewekunze said for the economy to realise increased revenue from exports there must be value-addition strategy which promotes exportation of finished products.


“I always say if one exports raw materials, he gets a raw deal, so we need to come up with strategies that enhance high export receipts,” said Mr Ushewekunze.


The country is operating with the national export strategy adopted in 2006 and since then a number of economic developments occurred hence the call for the revival of the strategy.


This year exports are expected to rake in over US$1.9 billion dollars.