As the clock ticks closer to 14 February (tomorrow) a day known by many as an opportunity to celebrate love, there has been hype in the central business district with some already in the valentine’s mood.

Love is in the air, or is it that the air is filled with love?

14 February is a date that many uphold as a day when couples appreciate their unions through various acts of love expressed through romantic flowers or candle light dinner.

With just a few hours to go business of roses and chocolates are recording some profits.

The adage love conquers all rings true at this very moment as cash problems become the least of people’s worries.

However, some men would want to use tomorrow’s UEFA Champions League as a scapegoat with social media already awash with both love and anti-valentine memes.

Some do not just believe in celebrating the day which they say has been commercialised.

The Bible says there is greater joy in giving than receiving and such is the reasoning for most men who will part with huge amounts on this day.

So tomorrow many cities, towns and growth points will be somehow coloured in red and for those who want to start a fight today with their lovers just so they can escape engaging in the valentine spending.

Be warned your antics are already known!