ZBC’s Jerold Sasa with Tapiwanashe

Today marks exactly four years when an 11-year-old boy from Uzumba, Tapiwanashe Kachere was saved from the jaws of a crocodile by his father on December 17th 2013 in a show of bravery that shocked many people.

The story of Tapiwanashe sounds like a script from a movie but to the Uzumba community in general and the Kachere family in particular, the incident marks a sad chapter in history when they almost lost a father and son.

Despite having his left leg now amputated, the boy is back to living his normal life where he uses a wheelchair to go to school and clutches when at home.
Tapiwanashe has also maintained his passion for sport and he still does high jump.

His father, Tafadzwa Kachere explained how his son was attacked and how he fought the alligator with bare hands which in the end left him with a badly injured hand.

The soft spoken Tapiwanashe also vividly remembers events of the fateful day and says he is forever grateful to his dad and staff at Chitungwiza Central Hospital for saving his life.

It is a feeling that can haunt any mother but Tapiwanashe’s mother, Rudo Kachere is grateful his son is still alive.

Uzumba legislator, Cde Simbaneuta Mdarikwa who has been assisting the boy since the attack, said he is mobilising resources for the boy’s artificial leg.