The University of Zimbabwe (UZ) Faculty of Arts is hosting a 3-day international conference on social media aimed at unpacking the social and political impact of the new media.

Academics have described social media as a platform that can be used positively or negatively depending on what the originator and recipients of messages desire.

In an interview with the ZBC News on the sidelines of the ongoing conference in Harare, UZ Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Professor Itai Muwati said there is need to critique the impact of social media which is sometimes used for bad things in the society.

“There is need to censor some the things posted on social media as they can have far reaching effects on the society and the nation at large,” he said.

Another academic based in Sydney, Australia at the University of Technology, Professor Bruce Mutsvairo also took time to describe the advantages and disadvantages of social media to the society.

Social media has become the preferred means of communication through the new information and communication technology (ICT) especially among young people.